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lilly, 18, runner, dog lover, vegan // semi hiatus - college


Actually, I eat a much healthier, nutrient rich diet at college as opposed to home. I’m very lucky that my college has five amazing dining halls and lots of vegan options. 

Keep in mind, I do not count calories so I have no idea what my caloric intake is daily. I’d guess about 2200+

Breakfast: Oatmeal w/ dried fruit and an apple everyday. Always.

Lunch: Bean of the day (lima, black, pinto, etc), pita chips and hummus, and two or three different steamed vegetables. 

Dinner: If they have a vegan option like chick’n and rice, a casserole, or curry, I get that. If not, I usually will grab a sweet potato. Add some beans, vegetables, and an apple.

I really don’t eat snacks anymore, but sometimes I’ll smuggle an apple or banana out of the dining halls. I also sometimes get a salad, but since I run so much, I find they don’t fill me up or give me the energy I need.

Thanks for the questions! I hope you have a great day!! 


This is one of those intense dramatic songs that just gets more and more intense the further along you listen.